50 people

$40 avg monthly donation

      seeds of life        program funded



Summary from the community leaders: 

The children of Kosñipata are the future of the region and hold the key to change, however, without adequate attention given to the areas identified, the region as a whole will fall behind, perpetuating a cycle of disadvantage.  


The program ‘Seeds of Life’ is designed to address these issues by encouraging not only students, but teachers and parents to become part of the program, familiarising themselves with workshops designed to foster moral values, leadership, empathy, connection to nature and others, as well as collaboration/co operation, which is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship. By integrating these workshops into the school curricular, APCONK hopes to create incentives for students who go above and beyond, allowing them to attain extra credit in workshops that will contribute to regular school courses.

One Family Global Volunteering is proud to part of this program.  Working alongside APCONK we hope to achieve this.

Country: Peru

City: Pilcopata

Region: Amazon Jungle

Organization: APCONK

Program: Seeds Of Life